Frederick Harrison


Emeritus editor Frederick Harrison passed away December 29, 2016.

“The new year began with sad news.... We lost a wonderful friend, excellent scientist, and great editor,” said Prof. Matthias Starck, Chief-Executive Editor of Journal of Morphology (JMOR).
Frederick Harrison was a long-term editor-in-chief of JMOR. For it was Frederick Harrison’s contributions to the Journal of Morphology that has largely determined the current status of the Journal.
“He edited one of my papers published in 1998, being a very considerate and charitable reviewer, and overall well rounded zoologist,” claimed Prof. Alexander Tzetlin, Directof of the White-Sea Biological Station.
Frederick Harrison was one of the organizers and editors of ‘Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates’. Still today, these excellent blue and red volumes remain seen as the ‘Bible’ of many past and future generations of zoologists.
He opened the First International Congress of invertebrate Morphology in Copenhagen with a most fascinating speech still remembered today, and we plan to honor him and his contributions at the upcoming ICIM-4 in Moscow in August 2017.