Nadezda N. Rimskaya-Korsakova

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senior researcher, PhD


Nadezhda N. Rimskaya-Korsakova

Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology,
Lomonosov Moscow State University,
1-12 Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia,
Tel.: +7(495)939-3656 (office), +7(916)210-5668 (cell),
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Moscow, Russia, 30th of March, 1985.

Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
2012-now: researcher.
2007-2011: PhD student.

02/2012: PhD thesis in zoology
Title:“Microscopic anatomy of gigantic vestimentiferan tubeworm Riftia pachyptila Jones, 1980 (Annelida: Vestimentifera)”
Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University.
Supervisors: corr.-member of RAS, prof. Vladimir V. Malakhov (Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Lomonosov Moscow State University), Dr. Sergey V. Galkin (Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS).
05/2007: Diploma thesis and degree in zoology (diploma with honors).
Title:“Microscopic anatomy of juveniles Riftia pachyptila Jones, 1980”
Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. Supervisors: V. V. Malakhov, Dr. Sergey V. Galkin.
Educational Courses:

2013: Fluorescence staining, confocal microscopy and computer generated 3D-reconstruction. Department of Integrative Zoology, Vienna University, Vienna, Austria. Focus on practical work with staining procedures, mastering the confocal laser scanning microscope and 3D reconstruction softwares. As a result of the Course, an oral presentation and manuscript were made on “Nervous system architecture of Galathowenia oculata Zach, 1923 (Oweniidae, Annelida)”.

2011: International Polychaete Course
The White Sea Biological Station, Moscow State University, Russia
Focus on field and laboratory study of polychaete biology, reproduction, evolution and phylogeny.

2010: Comparative Invertebrate Embryology Course
The Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington, USA.
Focus on the development of invertebrate phyla with an evolutionary perspective. There is extensive hands-on laboratory experience with the fertilization and development of most invertebrate phyla.

2009: The White Sea Molecular Zoology Summer School
The White Sea Biological Station, Moscow State University, Russia.
Applied genetics for zoologists.
Teaching courses:

2016-now: Basics of scientific illustration and 3D visualization in Zoology.

2015-now: Selected chapters of Invertebrate Zoology: vestimentiferans and pogonophorans.

2007 - now: Club of Zoology of Invertebrates for students of intermediate and high schools. Once-per-week classes are focused on morphology, biology and evolution of invertebrates (major groups and unusual ones). Each class includes theoretical and practical parts. 80 hours.

2009, 2013, 2014: Field Summer Course of Invertebrate Zoology at the White Sea Biological Station for 2-year students of Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics and Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. Focus on morphology and diversity of invertebrates of the White Sea. 172 hours.

2009, 2011-now: Practical courses of Invertebrate Zoology for 1-year students of Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. Course focused on morphology with phylogenetic perspectives of major groups of invertebrates. 102 hours.

2010, 2016: International Course of Embryology of Invertebrates at the White Sea Biological Station. In the course I hold a class of “Development of Crustacea and Pycnogonida”, as well as «Introduction to embryology of marine invertebrates»
Museum Collection Experience.

2012: IFREMER, Centre de Brest, working on diversity of collections of vestimentiferans.

2010: Collection of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science with peculiar interest in vestimentiferan tubeworms. Worms were used for morphological and morphometric analysis.
Personal Grants:

2014-2015: RFBR grant on Comparative study of the organization of the circulatory system Vestimentifera (Annelida).

2012: RFBR grant on Study of the nervous system organization of Vestimentifera by classical and modern methods (Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory, head of the lab is Zaitseva OV, Zoological Institute of RAS, St.-Petersburg, Russia).

2009: RFBR and FHL grants 2009 for Comparative Invertebrate Embryology Course, FHL, USA.

2008: RFBR and ChEss travel grants 2008 for Siboglinidae workshop, Hawaii, USA.

Nikishin D.A., Rimskaya-Korsakova N.N., Khramova Yu, Kremnyov S., Bagaeva T. The White Sea Invertebrates Development, 2016, С. 35.
Peer Reviewed publications:

Rimskaya-Korsakova N.N., Galkin S.V., Malakhov V.V., in press. The anatomy of the blood vascular system of the giant vestimentiferan tubeworm Riftia pachyptila (Siboglinidae, Annelida) // Journal of Morphology.
Zaitseva O.V., Rimskaya-Korsakova N. N.. in revision. Cuticular plaques papillae: peculiar epidermal sensor-effector organs of vestimentiferan tubeworms (Annelida, Vestimentifera) // Zool. Zhurnal. Submitted.
Karaseva N. P., Rimskaya-Korsakova N.N., Galkin S. V., Malakhov V., 2016. Taxonomy, Geographical and Bathymetric Distribution of Vestimentiferan Tubeworms (Annelida, Siboglinidae) // Zool. Zhurnal. V. 95, № 6, p. 624-659 
Worsaae Katrine, Rimskaya-Korsakova Nadezhda N, Rouse Greg W., 2016. Neural reconstruction of bone-eating Osedax spp. (Annelida) and evolution of the siboglinid nervous system // BMC Evolutionary Biology, 16 (83): 1-23.
Rimskaya-Korsakova NN, Kristof A., Malakhov VV, Wanninger A. 2016. Neural architecture of Galathowenia oculata Zach, 1923 (Oweniidae, Annelida) // Frontiers in Zoology, 13 (5): 1-18
Rimskaya-Korsakova N. N., Malakhov V. V., 2010 Organization of the Tentacular Apparatus of the Vestimentiferan Tubeworm Riftia pachyptila, Jones 1980 (Annelida, Vestimentifera) // Doklady Biological Sciences, V. 433, pp. 1-4.
Rimskaya-Korsakova N. N., Malakhov V. V., Galkin S.V., 2011. Structure of The Tentacular Region of Vestimentiferan Tubeworm Riftia pachyptila
(Annelida, Vestimentifera) // Zool. Zhurnal. V. 90. № 3. P. 259-271.
Selected Abstracts of Conferences and Workshop:

Rimskaya-Korsakova N., Rouse G., Worsaae K., 2016 Brain anatomy of esophagus-less Osedax (Siboglinidae) and organisation of the canonical for annelids supraesophageal commissures// 12th International Polychaete Conference, Abstracts, National Museum Wales, p. 88-89.

Worsaae K., Rimskaya-Korsakova N., Rouse G., 2016 Reconstruction of the nervous system in bone-eating Osedax spp. and its evolution across Siboglinidae (Annelida) // 12th International Polychaete Conference, Abstracts, National Museum Wales, p. 49-50.

Rimskaya-Korsakova N., Malakhov V., 2010. On the structure of the tentacular apparatus of vestimentiferan tubeworm Riftia pachyptila, 1981 (Annelida, Vestimentifera) // The Tenth International Polychaete Conference, Lecce, Italy, 20–26 of June 2010. Taxonomy. – P. 29.
Rimskaya-Korsakova N., 2008 Hydrothermal vestimentiferan tubeworm Riftia pachyptila: morphology of worms from different sites // Abstracts of workshop: Siboglinidae: a model system for the understanding of evolution, adaptive radiation, microbial symbioses and ecology at extreme environments, Honolulu, USA, October 2008.
Rimskaya-Korsakova N.N., Karaseva N.P., Malakhov V.V., Galkin S.V., 2011. Brain And Nerve Cord Of Vestimentifera (Annelida): Comparison With Polychaetes // 2nd International congress on Invertebrate morphology, 20–23 June 2011. P. 207.
Rimskaya-Korsakova N.N., Malakhov V.V., Galkin S.V., 2011. Brain And Nerve Cord of Riftia pachyptila: Comparison with Polychaetes and Frenulate Pogonophorans // International Conference on Problems of the Evolutionary Morphology of Animals, St. Peterburg, Russia, 20–22 October 2011. P. 125–128.

“Vestimentifera – Gutless Worm of Deep-Sea”, Sars Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, Bergen, Norway, 2010.

“Seminar on 3D-reconstruction” at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, 2010.
2015: MARS Travel Award 2015 was provided for the trip to University of Copenhagen, to continue project and finish the manuscript on the nervous system architecture of Osedax females together with Katrine Worsaae.

2012: MAIK Edition prize for Series of articles on microscopic anatomy and evolutionary morphology of Vestimentifera. Co-authors: Vladimir V. Malakhov, Sergei V. Galkin, Nadezhda P. Karaseva.

2010: Carl Zeiss grant on for Study of peculiarities of the circulatory system of tubeworms Siboglinidae (Annelida) living in extreme environment. Co-author: Nadezhda P. Karaseva.
Experience in organization as a responsible person:

«Lomonosov-2011, 2012, and 2013» - International scientific conferences for youth in Moscow State University, Russia. I has been secretary of the section of Biology, 19 subsections, about 450 participants.

2016: Summer Course in Embryology of marine invertebrates, 2016
Professional societies:

American Microscopical Society (AMS)

International Society of Invertebrate Morphology
Other Skills:

Computer skills:
Digital image editing (Adobe CS, ImageJ, PTGui Pro), 3D-reconstruction (3D-Doctor, Imaris, Amira, ImageJ), mapping (Surfer), curve construction (Curve Expert)

Russian, English, French.
PADI Open Water Diver Certificate.